Friday, March 03, 2006

Some "life" on bemo-batavia mailing list

Ah! In the past couple of days, the bemo-batavia mailing list is fruitfully (or junkfully?) fuelled with e-mails from old friends. With the comebacks of old friends like Eko Budhi Harsono (ex-Jaknet BBS sysop) and RiO Suharjo, some other old good friends like Boyke Bader, Harry Sufehmi, Djoko Kris Sundoro, Arief W. Nugraha and Abimanyu Wachjoewidajat suddenly voiced out their e-mails on the mailing list, after kept their silence for years! :) Wow, how I missed their e-mails so much! :D :D

But ah! Based on experience, this is usually seasonal. I believe, in a couple of days time, it will soon be quiet again... especially since it's been a long time since I saw T.A. Coen's and Kukuh T.W.'s e-mails on the mailing list...

Ah! :) :)

PS. You can click here if you want to know more about BemoNet. Ironically, it's written by someone who is not a Bemonet user, but does really care to document anything related to the IT development in Indonesia in the early decades...

Read the Indonesian version of this post.

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