Friday, March 24, 2006

Blogger/Blogspot Performance Issue

Recently, I always have some performance issues on all my blogs hosted by Blogspot. The problem usually happened during evening to night our time (or morning to afternoon US time). Strangely, I seldom have this problem during morning our time (or evening/night US time). Looks like the problem is due to more and more blogs hosted by Blogspot, causing degradation on the performance of the server(s) hosting the blogs.

When the problem happens, it takes longer for me to load the blogs, and also it takes longer for me to access site for me to update the blogs. But the most irritating part is when I want to upload an inline image to the blog. After I click "Add Image", choose the image and then click "Upload Image", sometimes I will just get blank screen on the pop-up. Sometimes, I can get the message saying that the image has been uploaded, but after I click "Done", I don't see the image on my compose blog window. And I have to do it all over again, several times until the image is really uploaded, and it's really frustating.

Sometimes, I would just compose the text first and save the post as draft, and wait until the next morning (when I seldom have the problem) for me to upload all the images and then publish the post.

I have been thinking for quite some time to move my blog to another blogging provider, especially those WordPress-based such as, but up until now I have not decided to move yet, and still want to stick with Blogspot. But, if the issue keeps on dragging, I don't know how can I tahan and I might need to move to another blogging provider soon.

Anyone experiences the same problem?

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JaF said...

Pak Indra, this is one of the reason I decided to move my blog to wordpress. Infact, I just migrated my poetry page to wordpress a few weeks ago as soon as I found out that you can actuall migrate the entire content of your blogspot to wordpress with just a few clicks. Opera's blog also has the same function. How can't I be tempted then..

As they say in Singapore: Mana boleh tahan laaahhh....


IndraPr said...

Pak JaF, thanks for your comments. :) Yes, I know that we can migrate blogspot's entire content to, however the downside of is that we cannot edit the template. We can edit template on (another blog provider which uses wordpress), but it doesn't have the import function. :(