Sunday, March 26, 2006

New shopping malls around Jakarta

One of the growing trends in many big cities in Asia, including Singapore, Jakarta and other big cities in the region, is the increasing numbers of new shopping malls being built. Looks like now, going to malls is one of the most popular pastimes for almost everyone in the region, including Indonesia, particularly Jakarta and some of other big cities in Indonesia.

I have never been to certain parts of Jakarta since I've lived in Singapore in the past 6 years. Last week, I had a chance to visit Depok, a suburb town just south of Jakarta, which I used to visit frequently since that's where my university campus is located. And I am really surprised to see the development of Depok in the past decade, especially the development of the shopping malls around the area.

Just a couple of hundred meters away from my campus, I saw a new big shopping mall, Depok Town Square, which is better known as "Detos". Across the road, there's another big shopping mall which is on the last phase of completion. Near the bus terminal, there's another shopping mall, ITC Depok, with Carrefour hypermart as the anchor tenant.

The one I managed to visit is the Depok Town Square (see left picture). It's a very big mall, unfortunately it's a bit empty, probably because it's quite new. There's the big Matahari hypermart on the basement, and some stores and restaurants on the ground and first floor. The higher the floor, the emptier it is.

A bit nearer to my family's house in Cinere, there's also a new shopping mall being opened in Lebak Bulus area. It's called Poins Square (see right picture), with the Giant hypermart on the basement floor as the anchor tenant. The location is exactly opposite the Carrefour hypermart nearby. Wow, what a great competition! The mall is quite big, almost as big as Depok Town Square, except it has more open stores compared to Detos, which is fairly empty.

Another newly built shopping mall, which is actually not really new but I only managed to visit it last week, is Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) 2, which is located just across the road from the famous PIM 1. It's connected to PIM 1 with two bridges, giving seamless connection between the two malls. Compared to Poins Square or Detos which is more for middle class, PIM 2 is more for the high class, with high class shops and restaurants, similar to Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya) in Singapore. Nevertheless, the new food court at the third floor is worth visiting, with almost all cuisines available, from Soto Betawi, Fiesta Steak to KFC.

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JaF said...

Ah Depok.. I miss that place.. But I bet it's more 'macet' nowadays with all the big malls.. :-)

IndraPr said...

It is. They have upgraded the Jalan Margonda Raya from single carriageway to dual carriageway, but still cannot alleviate the traffic jam especially during peak rush hour.

Stuart Hely said...

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IndraPr said...

Thanks Stuart for sharing.

tata said...

yea you got it right, JKT got new malls here and there. The government must encourge making new parks instead.

IndraPr said...

Yes, I agree that the government should build new parks instead. Big cities in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, really in needs of fresh air.