Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nice Food in Batam

This list of nice food in Batam is compiled based on information provided by Tyty Hadi, which was posted on the indo-sing mailing list. You might find this list handy when you're visiting Batam and don't know where to go to find good food. :)
  1. Golden Prawn Seafood - 8 kilometers from Nagoya town centre towards Bengkong. Nice seafood, and you can choose your own live seafood.
  2. Martabak Sari Eco - Indonesian type of murtabak, choices of beef murtabak (martabak daging), with big meat inside the murtabak, and "full moon" murtabak (martabak terang bulan), with any kind of filling you can choose yourself, from cheese, peanut, chocolate rice, etc. It's located next to the Nagoya Plaza Hotel, in Nagoya.
  3. Pempek Palembang "Kolekta" - Fishcake served with Palembang-special sweet and sour soya sauce. You can buy them raw and get them packed for you to cook yourself in Singapore. They serve all type of fishcake, you just need to order. It's located along Jalan Taman Indah, Blok 3 No. 11-12.
  4. Sop Seafood Istemewa Yongkee - Serves all kind of soup, such as fish soup, prawn soup, squid soup, fish head soup, tom yam soup, and mixed seafood soup. It's located in Nagoya City Center Complex, Blok E No. 8-9 Lubuk Baja.
  5. Soto Medan - Serves Medan-style of chicken noodles soup with beef balls. The price is only a mere 8,000 rupiahs per bowl. The address: "Safana Baru Coffee Shop", Jalan Lubuk Baja 1 Komp. Wijaya Kusuma Blok E No 8, Nagoya.
  6. Ikan Bakar Pak Ndut - Quite a big grilled fish, served with chilli. The address: Kompleks Inti Sakti Blok E No. 1-2 Nagoya.
  7. Sate Asih - Sells mutton satay for 14,000 rupiahs per portion, and mutton soup for 13,000 rupiahs. Nice. Address: Bengkong Harapan, Blok C No. 83-84.

So, when can we go together to Batam to have some good food? :) :)

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Rene said...

Hi I was searching for good seafood and reasonable price for Batam as I'm going over there next Saturday and I found your blog. As your post dated 2006, so i'm not sure if the information is still valid?