Sunday, March 05, 2006

Missing girl's body found, another Huang Na case returns :(

Astaghfirullah! Only recently we were saddened by the tragic Huang Na case, which was found dead after missing for several weeks, right now Singapore has another case of a missing girl, which eventually ends tragically after the body of the missing girl was found.

Taken from Police have found the body believed to be that of the 2-year-old girl Nurasyura Mohamed Fauzi who went missing earlier this week. Police found the body under the Aljunied Flyover at 4pm after a 3-hour search on Saturday. The suspect is believed to be the girl's stepfather.

I am really shocked to hear that people can do such a barbaric act like that. And I am wondering, why those acts are usually done by a person close to the victim. Take an example, Huang Na was murdered by her mother's friend, who was close to the victim and was supposed to help taking care of her while her mother went back to China (although I still don't understand how can a mother just leave her daughter in Singapore for China and leave her alone to be supervised by some "friends"). And now, if what the police suspects is true, Nurasyura was being murdered by her own stepfather, who is supposed to take care of her as if she's his own daughter.

Astaghfirullah! How can it happen?

Crime can happen anytime, to anyone, even in Singapore, which is undoubtly considered one of the safest city in Asia, if not the world. Crime rate in Singapore is low, but it doesn't mean there's no crime at all. We still have to ensure that we safeguard our children, to ensure that they are OK. Just because Singapore is safer than Jakarta, for example, it doesn't mean that you have to let your guard down even if you live here in Singapore...

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