Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shoutbox provider: migration from Doneeh to Oggix

So far, I only found two good reply-able shoutbox providers. One is Doneeh, which I used previously, and the other one is Oggix, which I'm currently using right now. Doneeh is the first shoutbox provider I used. It's quite easy to manage, the control panel is also user friendly, make it easy for me to manage the comments coming in and to reply to them. The downside: for some reason, the customisation is not working. Even though I have customised the shoutbox to have smaller fonts and nice colours, after saving and republishing, I still see the same default font and colour on the shoutbox. Have tried many many times, and the result is the same.

I asked my friend JefRi, who also uses Doneeh but he doesn't seem to have the same problem (I can see his Doneeh shoutbox is customised). He said that he has had the account for quite some time, and the problem seems to only affecting later/newer accounts. :( He suggested me to try Oggix, which I also has considered since I saw Teh Inong uses Oggix as well on her blog, and it looks indeed nice.

But when I tried to register an account on Oggix, I also had some problems initially! For some reason, I never received any confirmation e-mail from the Oggix server after I register. I have tried to use different e-mail accounts, but the same problem persisted! I even asked my friend JefRi whether he has an unused Oggix account for me to use. :P

However, fortunately, on a lucky day, I tried to register again using my Gmail e-mail account, and for some reason, it's working. I also found the Oggix control panel is even nicer and easier to use compared to Doneeh. Moreover, it supports Avatar. :)

And voila, the outcome is what you can see on the left side, a nice and colourful shoutbox for you to leave any comments. Feel free to try it! :)

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