Friday, February 03, 2006

Rumah Indra

As I have promised :) , I have created a new blog, which will be my diary in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). If you don't understand Bahasa, you might not want to visit it. The blog is titled "Rumah Indra" (which means "Indra's House" or "Indra's Home", depends on your interpretation), and is located at this URL: .

Why I kept on using and not using any other blog services available on the Internet?

Simple. I'm new to blog, even though I might have created a blogger account couple of years ago, but I was only actively blogging only in the past couple of weeks :) , so I'm still new to all the features a blog service might provide. I'm still trying to get used to the features on now, so will concentrate on here first.

So, how many blogs do I have? Why do I need to have so many blogs?

So far, these are the blogs that I have:

New Information: It's this blog. Previously it was just another section on my website containing all the new information related to me. I converted it to a blog and this becomes my main blog in English.

The Journey of Inka and Irza: This blog becomes my personal and family's "diary", containing all personal matters with regards to myself, my wife and my children. No "serious" or "formal" announcement will be posted here.

Rumah Indra: This blog is meant for my Indonesian friends (no matter where they are), since this blog will be in bahasa Indonesia. This will be a blog with mixed "more formal" and "personal" postings, in Indonesian language.

On top of that, I also maintain the gd508 blog, which is dedicated to my friends at Gunadarma University, year 1991, class 5-08. I'm also part of the maintainer team of the Bemo Live blog, which is dedicated to the BemoNet BBS community, and suka suka gue! blog, which I personally don't know what it is for, who created it and why someone put me on the maintainer team, hehehehe... :)

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