Thursday, February 02, 2006

Change of website address and personal e-mail

Please kindly informed that my website address has been changed to:

Even though, at the moment, you can still also access the same site from its old address:

Both domains are pointed to the same IP address, anyway. :)

I also have changed my personal e-mail address from (old) to (new).

Why the change? Simple! After the ccTLD-ID management is being handled by Depkominfo, registering an domain is much easier. You can just apply any available domains under, and upload your scanned Indonesian IC (both front and back) on JPG format during registration. Viola, your domain application is approved. And the best part, it's free of charge. Of course, you will have to be an Indonesian and holding a valid Indonesian IC (identity card, or KTP - kartu tanda penduduk) to be eligible for an domain.

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