Sunday, May 07, 2006

Planet Indra

At last, I managed to build an aggregate site of all my blogs. Even though I named the site Planet Indra, which means "Indra's planet" in Bahasa, but actually the site does not use Planet (misleading, eh? :P). Since I was not able to get Planet to work in my server's environment, i use Gregarius instead.

I first knew Gregarius after I saw the Amigos site belongs to one of my friends, Koen aka Kuncoro Wastuwibowo. The interface is practical and interesting, so I was also interested to try installing it on my server. And I found that the installation is much simpler than Planet's installation, which is more difficult.

The installation process is similar to installing Wordpress, I just need to prepare a new database under MySQL with its own username and password, download the Gregarius installation file here, and then just follow the instruction on the INSTALL file. It was just a simple 4-step installation, including how to protect its administration page by a password.

So now, if you're a bit lost and didn't know which of my blog you should read, just go to Planet Indra. All the articles on all my four blogs can be found there. Much easier to read, don't you think? :)

[Indonesian version]


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