Friday, May 05, 2006

Interview with RSI

Radio Singapore International (RSI) is the only international broadcasting radio in Singapore, at least until now. The short-wave radio is broadcasted out of Singapore in four languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia, and run by MediaCorp Radio.

Thanks to my friend, Rane "JaF" Hafied, I had the chance to take part on one of its programme in Bahasa Indonesia, "Kutak Katik IT". The programme is meant for audiences who are new to IT, so the topic being discussed is also quite basic, and not too advanced.

For example, the first interview I had, which was done over the telephone, was discussing about the use of web-based e-mail clients such as Yahoo, Hotmail dan Gmail, which is very popular and widely used by most Indonesians. We also discussed about how to choose a good e-mail address, and also touched on some e-mail etiquette. The interview script and the audio file which you can hear (in Bahasa Indonesia), can be found here.

For me, it is really a priceless and fruitful experience. Many thanks to Pak JaF for the opportunity being given. :)

[Indonesian version]

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