Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blogspot was down last night

Yesterday night, around 9:30pm Singapore time (UTC+8), I was not able to access this blog, as well as my other blogs hosted in Blogspot. And looks like I was not the only one having the same problem. I was not able to access all my friends' blogs hosted there as well. And one blogger, which I didn't know, even added comment on my other blog (using Wordpress, which is in Bahasa Indonesia, unfortunately), saying that he was also having the same problem.

The problem was intermittent, sometimes I could access, sometimes I couldn't. Even if I could access, I would only be able to see the top parts of my blog. And if I waited longer, I would then get this error message: "The page cannot be displayed". I suspect that the problem was related to load, either the load of the server, or the network. Hopefully this was just a one-time issue and will not recur.

I'm not too sure whether I need to migrate all my blogs here. I actually can combine all the 4 blogs into one, separated by category, which is supported by Wordpress. But then, I will render my Planet Indra useless. Hmm... :)

Alternatively, I can create 4 copies of Wordpress (including this blog) on my server, then I can import all my articles and the comments from Blogger. So there will still be 4 blogs, all using Wordpress and all hosted in my server. I will also still need Planet Indra.

Hmmm... but then, what if I miss the Blogger's interface? :)

Some people are very difficult to be pleased... :) :)

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