Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Indo-Sing Blog

Indo-Sing mailing list is a mailing list dedicated to the Indonesian community in Singapore. Currently there are 683 registered members, and the number is still counting. This is because the mailing list is not only for those currently living in Singapore, but also for those who are still in Indonesia or other countries and have a plan to migrate to Singapore. The community has also conducted a gathering (article in Bahasa Indonesia) at Kantin Aneka, Lucky Plaza, end of April this year.

Right now, the Indo-Sing community has launched a new blog. The blog is using free Wordpress facility from Blogsome, and it's located at http://indosing.blogsome.com/. The articles will be contributed by all mailing list members who already have the necessary Wordpress account to post on the blog.

This blog will contain a lot of information which -- hopefully -- will be useful not only for Indo-Sing community members, but also for other Indonesians currently living in Singapore, or for those Indonesians who plan to migrate to Indonesia, either for work or study. Most of the articles will be excerpted from discussions in the mailing list.

Hopefully the blog will be useful to anyone. :)

[Indonesian version]


tata said...

like i 'shouted' before, indosing is bloody cool, useful and informative. you guys gotta work hard to keep this blog alive :D

tata said...

dra tolong dong diposting infomasi utk sekolah anak2 utk PR dan non-PR. tx!

IndraPr said...

#2 - Tata: Hmm.. belum sempet dikumpulkan informasinya. Ntar kalau ada informasi gue posting deh.

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

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Ervina Vina said...

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Ervina Vina said...

Ada... 83384939