Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Which article goes to which blog? :)

After knowing that I am opening another blog, Minda Indra, my friend Tata asked me a very good question. How am I going to manage which article goes to which blog? :)

A good question, indeed. However, I actually already have the answer, and I have actually written it here. However, it's in Bahasa Indonesia, so please find the answer on how I manage my blogs, below. In English, of course. :)

Actually, I "only" have four blogs, "so far". :) Two in English, and another two in Bahasa Indonesia. Here they are:
  • New Information, which is this blog. This will be my main blog in English. Postings on this blog will be in English, and can be formal or personal.
  • The Journey of Inka and Irza. This blog is also in English, and this is more to a diary of my personal and family's life.
  • Minda Indra. This is a new blog, based on Wordpress installed on my own server. This blog will be in Bahasa Indonesia, and the contents will be more formal, including my announcements and technical articles.
  • Rumah Indra. This used to be my main blog in Bahasa Indonesia, and I will still post more personal articles for myself and my family, here.

Got confused on which blog you should visit? Don't worry. :) I am now using one of the features provided by Kinja to aggregate all my blogs into one single page. So you can view all the postings on all my four blogs in one page. You can find the aggregate here. I actually intend to install a blog aggregation tool called Planet on my server, however I still don't have the time to do it. Well, perhaps later. As for now, we'll use Kinja first. :)

One of you might ask, why don't I just combine all the four blogs into one. Especially since we can categorise posts on Wordpress. Moreover, Wordpress allows us to import all contents from a Blogger/Blogspot blog in a single click. Well, in fact, I have actually considered that option. However, I'm not too sure what will happen to the main page if I post everything there. I imagine our family's diary will be mixed together with my technical articles, English articles will be mixed with my Indonesian articles, very messy. Mixed, like a rojak. I don't think I will like it.

As of now, I think I'll prefer to have the blogs separated. So people will not have any difficulties reading them. As for those who wants to read *all* my posts on all my blogs, well they can use my Kinja aggregate. In the near future, I will also try installing Planet so I won't have to rely on Kinja to aggregate my blogs.


tata said...

well, in the end it looks quite well arranged here. 1 blog 1 theme.

tata said...

hmmm... suddenly i have an idea: since you have 4 blogs why don't you create a portal as an entry points which will help a new reader understand that you maintain 4 blogs --with unique theme for each blog.
And this portal is the one you'll promote more.

How 'bout dat?

IndraPr said...

Tata: good idea. I actually have such portal on my own website (not blog) here. I have put all the hyperlinks to all my four blogs there. But not too sure if I want to promote this portal instead, it's a plain and simple website, and not a blog. :)

I'll consider, though. Thanks. :)

coni said...

Wei.... besok bakalan ada blog ke lima neh.... :) beneran, which posting goes to which blog...hihihi

IndraPr said...

Teh Coni: ndak bakalan ada blog kelima lah, repot ngurusnya. :) In any case, I should know which posting goes to which blog. :P Dan tidak perlu bingung baca semuanya, kan sekarang udah ada Planet Indra. :)