Friday, April 28, 2006

Install BlogMap on a Wordpress Blog

Last time, I have written an article on how to install BlogMap on our own blog. The article is more useful to those who uses Blogger for their blogs. Now, how to install the BlogMap on a Wordpress blog?

Basically, it's the same. There are five main steps need to be done:
  1. Get a geo-tag
  2. Put the geo-tag on our blog's template
  3. Register our geo-tag to BlogMap
  4. Get the script to display the BlogMap
  5. Insert the script into our blog's template
The only differences are on point (2) and (5). In Blogger, the edit template option will provide one single interface to edit the whole's blog template. How about in Wordpress? Which template file we need to edit? It depends on the Wordpress theme use you. Each theme has different template files, even though usually there's naming convention for each type of file.

For step (2), the geo-tag needs to be inserted into the header of our blog. Therefore, in Wordpress, we usually need to edit the header.php file on our Wordpress theme's directory. The geo-tag should be inserted between the <head> and </head> lines, anywhere between the lines. I would suggest that you can put the geo-tag just after the <head> line, before the <title> line.

For step (5), we usually put the geo-tag script on the side bar. Therefore, the template file we need to edit is sidebar.php, the same file we need to edit when we need to insert our shoutbox, or any other banner we want to put on the side bar.

In Wordpress, we will see the change immediately after we edit the template files. Therefore, we don't need to do another "republish" like in Blogger after we edit the template files.

You can read this article to see more details about the other steps on how to create BlogMap in our blog. Do have a try! :)

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