Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kantin Aneka 2

Since October 2005, there's a new "makan" place for those who loves authentic Indonesian cuisine. Reggy Haryanto opened Kantin Aneka in Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, with authentic Indonesian cuisine such as ayam bakar rica-rica (spicy grilled chicken), ayam goreng (fried chicken), nasi timbel komplit, nasi empal, batagor, ketoprak and many more.

Initially, Kantin Aneka, which is located at unit #06-46/07 of Lucky Plaza (6th floor), only opens on Sunday. However, since early this year, Reggy also opened Kantin Aneka 2 stall inside the halal food court located on the same 6th floor of Lucky Plaza. This Kantin Aneka 2 stall opens from Monday to Saturday, while Kantin Aneka opens only on Sunday.

When this stall first opened, a lot of discussions is going on the indo-sing mailing list, praising the food served, which is being cooked by a female Indonesian cook, Nelly. I, myself, has went to Kantin Aneka 2 twice, even though I've never been to Kantin Aneka 1 since I seldom go to Lucky Plaza on Sundays.

Last Thursday (20/4), I went to Kantin Aneka 2 to have lunch. This stall is located in a far left corner of the food court. The food court itself is not really strategic especially for those who are downstairs (1st to 4th floor). It's because the whole 5th floor of Lucky Plaza is being used by Medical Centres, so a lot of people do not know that there's food court and some other eating places on the 6th floor, thinking that the 4th floor is already the highest floor housing all the shops and restaurants there.

I ordered the spicy grilled chicken (top left picture) and the ketoprak (right picture), thinking that the portion might be small. It turned out to be quite a big portion each. :) The food is really delicious! The spice on the grilled chicken is just nice, and the ketoprak is also delicious. Too bad I didn't have the time (and the space on my stomach) to try the famous batagor as well.

I would have to say that I'm putting this Kantin Aneka as one of my favourite's Indonesian eating places in Singapore, after Ayam Penyet and Es Teler 77 (for the chicken noodle). I plan to go there again, to try the batagor. Who wants to join? :)

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Wati said...

I want.. :p

IndraPr said...

Ditunggu! Ajak Tata dan Annisa ya Mbak. :)

tata said...

I certainly will join. Let alone they got ketoprak.... hmmmmm.... yabayabaduuuu.... :)

IndraPr said...

Confirm nih Ta? Ditunggu! :D :D

tata said...

tunggu ajah tanggal maennya ;)