Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kedai Kue-Kue

This small shop is selling traditional Indonesian snacks. It's located at the basement of Bugis Junction, next to Delifrance, below the escalator. The outlet also have some tables for dine-in guests. I remember they also have another outlet in Great World City, but I'm not too sure whether the outlet still there or not.

Some people said that the ketoprak is quite nice. I tried the ketroprak when I went there couple of weeks ago. It is nice, although you still can't compare with those which we usually buy from tukang ketoprak street vendors in Jakarta.

More pictures (not many) can be found here.


Simply Baby said...

yupe, the ketoprak is much much better than the one from ojolali. the fried rice ain't bad either.
went there on monday but it's no longer there due to some renovation :(

Pekanbaru! Riau said...

Yeah.. ketoprak is original traditional food from Indonesia. I don't think it will serve in Singapore...

achmadi said...

Pertama kali pindah ke kandang singa diajakin makan disini :D

Eh kang Indra, minta nomer hape-nya dungs. Hape saya ilang je, japri saja di achmadi[at]

Anonymous said...

they have re-opened at bugis junction....located around cold storage...been there today and had ketoprak...taste great!must try....highly recommended!

also the onde2...hhmm...yummy..

ハリソン said...

this blog is kawaii XD
チラシ 印刷
I am sorry for doing this lol
I like to drinkコーヒー these days.
you know?
its food for sake.

Anonymous said...

yeah rigt now the kedaikuekue is located near the cold storage and breadtalk..the lemper, ondeh, lapis legit, soto, gado gado all are very nice, my family all like favourite is the talam ketan, uuuhhh so delicious^^