Saturday, February 23, 2008

Freedom of Speech in Indonesia

Treespotter wrote:

Indonesia has one of the most liberal press law in the world (which not without problems in itself, but we’ll get there later). We’re no longer live in opaque Soehartoesque police state and people are free to write whatever they want. For any of you with any experience whatsoever of the press life 20 years ago, then you’d know that life is a whole world of difference these days where freedom of opinion is concerned.

Agree with him. Compared to Malaysia and Singapore, the Indonesian government is more relaxed in giving its press, be it mainstream press of citizenship journalism (e.g. bloggers), more freedom to express their views and opinions. The Pesta Blogger 2007 event, which is supported by the Indonesian government with its declaration of Indonesia's National Blogger Day, is a great example.

The onus is now with us to ensure that we make use of this "freedom" responsibly.


amethys said...

ooooo....di malay ama s'pore lebih selektif dibanding Indonesia? tak pikir di Indonesia tuh ga ada kebebasan press....hehehehehehe...brarti salah yah saya?

IndraPr said...

amethys, sebenarnya di MY dan SG lebih parah lagi dibandingkan di ID (sekarang). Mungkin lebih mirip kondisi di ID waktu masih jaman orde baru kali ya. :)

treespotter said...

hey, i just saw this. Singapore has one of the most oppressive press regime anywhere in the modern world, it's not even remotely comparable to indonesia.

hello, anyway.