Sunday, April 15, 2007

Syndication Problem Resolved, Aggregators Now Showing Full Articles

At last, I have managed to find a workaround to the syndication problem on my aggregation sites such as Planet Indra and Planet Singapura, thanks to Alarix and Isman. As reported earlier, the syndication sites, which are actually Wordpress engine using FeedWordPress plugin, were only showing the titles (instead of the full articles) of articles being syndicated from Blogger-based weblogs, especially after the blogs were being upgraded to the new Blogger.

A discussion on a Blogfam forum's thread revealed that one of Blogfam's system administrators, Alarix, encountered the same problem when he's launching Rumah Blogfam, an aggregator site for Blogfam's members, which happens to also use FeedWordPress. Another Blogfam member, Isman, also looked into this matter and he managed to find out that the problem was due to the incompatibility between FeedWordPress and the Atom feed published by the Blogger-based weblogs.

He suggested to use the RSS 2.0 feed published by Blogspot to be used as the feed source, instead of the Atom feed. The URL format of the RSS 2.0 feed in weblogs under Blogspot (after being upgraded to the new Blogger) is:


On top of that, he also suggested to use FeedBurner to burn the feed source, instead of syndicating the feed source directly, similar to what Fatih has suggested to me earlier.

So, these are the steps of workaround I've performed:
  1. Use FeedBurner to burn the above RSS 2.0 feed (instead of the Atom feed);
  2. Configure my FeedWordPress to syndicate the Feedburner feed address, i.e.; and
  3. Upgrade my FeedWordPress to the latest version 0.981.
And, voila, the above steps resolved the problem. You can see the results on the new posts being syndicated by Planet Indra and Planet Singapura, it's now showing the full articles instead of the titles only.

Again, thanks to Isman, Alarix and Fatih for all the hints and suggestions. Really appreciate it. :)

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