Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Look of Planet Indra

I encountered quite a lot of problems when I used the Blue Horizon theme for Planet Indra. The sidebar.php file is not really easy to modify, making it difficult for me to add some widget scripts there. For example, it's a bit difficult for me to add the scripts to show the Kronologis sideblog and Oggix shoutbox there. Well, I can still add the widgets there, but the whole sidebar layout will become very messy. My friend JaF even told me that he always sees the sidebar dangling (is dangling the correct word for "melorot" in English?), using either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

In view of this, I decided to give a new look for Planet Indra. After searching and testing various WordPress themes, I decided to use the Golden Grey theme, by William Pramana. Well, of course it's not because William is sharing the same last name as I am :) , but because I really like the layout design. And, the most important thing, it's much easier to modify the sidebar.php file to insert the necessary gadgets that I want. The Kronologis box also fits nicely in the sidebar, resolving the dangling problem.

Both JaF and Rani introduced Twitter to me, which has features similar to what Kronologis offers. I have signed up for an account there, but so far I haven't been fully making use of it. At the moment, I'm quite happy to use Kronologis for my sideblog, and so far I haven't had a plan to switch. :) Well, I might want to use Twitter for my sideblog in English, since currently I'm using bahasa Indonesia for my Kronologis sideblog. We'll see. :)


Rani said...

allo pak, aku udah add dirimu di twitter utk jadi friend. enjoy twitter!

Ina said...

waduh Beh, makin gaya aja nih pake bahasa Inggris blognya...sip deh! pan jadi latihan juga buat saya..:))

IndraPr said...

Udah saya add balik, Ran. Thanks. :)

Biar variasi, Teh Ina, kadang Inggris kadang Indonesia. :)

Jauhari said...

Coba make theme saya

*mode Iklan ON ^_*

IndraPr said...

Jauhari, terima kasih. Nanti saya coba. :)