Saturday, June 26, 2010

“Older” Hyperlink on Koprol Mobile

If I’m accessing Koprol via its mobile interface and go to Home, when I click the “Older” hyperlink to see the earlier timeline for the first time (to go to page 2 of the timeline), it’s working properly. But when I click the “older” hyperlink for the second time (to go to page 3 of the timeline), I see very old updates (around 7 days ago) instead of the earlier timeline.

The problem only happens if I use my mobile phone to access the mobile interface. If I use my laptop, I don’t encounter the same problem.

Not too sure why. Is it my mobile phone’s browser issue? I’m using Opera Mobile on my HTC HD2.

Update on 27 June 2010, 10:30hrs SGT: I have performed further troubleshooting last night, upon getting some advice from Daniel Armanto, one of Koprol's bosses. It seems that the problem only happened if I'm using SingTel's 3.5G connection. When I switched to my wi-fi connection at home, I didn't encounter the problem, despite it's connected to the same ISP, SingNet in this case.

Thus, I'm convinced now that the problem is not on Koprol's server nor on my mobile phone's browser, but it's most probably my 3.5G Internet service provider issue. Looks like it's SingTel 3.5G's proxy issue?

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Sherlin said...

Good you got your issue solved. Lets hope some good from Koprol users.
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