Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Inka and Irza's New Look

My blogger friend Tata, who is currently in Switzerland but is having a plan to migrate to Singapore soon with his family, informed me that his computer always hung after viewing the main page of The Journey of Inka and Irza. I tried to replicate the problem, and yes, I also encountered the same problem. My Mozilla Firefox hung after trying to load the page for some time, not too sure why. Many thanks Tata for the feedback. :)

To be frank, firstly I didn't really much bother since the blog itself is already in hiatus mode for quite some time. In the past couple of months, I prefer to write stories about Inka and Irza in the photo section of my Multiply site, together with all the photos, while the Indonesian versions of the stories are usually posted in Rumah Indra. So, I didn't update that blog too often. However, writing articles (with all the hyperlinks etc) on a photo blog is quite inconvenient, especially since you would need to add the hyperlink tags manually. So, I've decided that I would want to use back The Journey of Inka and Irza for me to write stories about my kids and family, in English. Furthermore, I have configured my Multiply site to import all my articles from all my blogs under my Blogger account, including The Journey of Inka and Irza and Rumah Indra.

Before I start using it, I need to fix the problem first. Since I suspect that the problem might be due to the template, a quick and clean way to resolve the problem might be using a new template altogether. So, I backed up my previous template, and then I picked up a new template and at the same time, upgraded the template so I can use Blogger's new template layout tools, since I've already upgraded the blog to the new Blogger.

So, the problem is now fixed. You should not have any issues accessing The Journey of Inka and Irza blog site again, and I'm ready to post future articles about stories of Inka and Irza there again. Stay tuned! :)


raravebles said...

Asikk.. blog Inka dan Irza aktif lagi.. Raul juga punya blog, tapi cuma ada 2 post yg terbit.. *wahh, jd malu*
Biar semangat mampir dulu ke the journey of inka and irza dulu ah..

http://raul-giffari.blogspot.com Inka Iza, tuker link ya.. makasih..

Devi said...

glad to hear the problem has been solved :)

duh Om, ga berenti2nya bujuk2in orang2 pindah ke spore.. dibayar brp sih ama gov? :p

tata said...

eh udah dibenerin yah dra? ntar gue cek lagi deh websitenya.
Ttg ke Singapur, iya nih gregetan gue soalnya sampe hari ini belom dapet official offer padahal pengganti gue udah mulai kerja 40% gantiin gue sampe akhir maret. Mudah2an minggu depan dapet offernya deh biar jelas semua. Anyway mungkin kita bakal ke singapur april depan utk orientation trip.

IndraPr said...

Udah di-link tuh Tante Rara, terima kasih ya. :)

Hehehe Devi, masak sih saya suka bujuk-bujukin? :) :)

Udah bener tuh, Ta. Ditunggu ah pindahannya kesini. :)