Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Upgrade “Minda Indra” to Wordpress 2.0.3

Wordpress has just released its newest stable release version, Wordpress 2.0.3. This new version was released to address a security bug raised on Bugtraq couple of weeks ago. This security vulnerability affects Wordpress version 2.0.2 (which I used for my Indonesian blog, Minda Indra) and earlier versions. Two thumbs up for Wordpress which released the new version just days after the vulnerability was being raised.

I was just about to go back to Jakarta for a short one-week holiday when I read the news on the 2nd of June, so I decided to perform an upgrade before I leave. This is the first time I upgraded Wordpress since I first installed the version 2.0.2 for “Minda Indra” last April.

Wordpress upgrade turned out to be quite difficult for a beginner like me. All the Wordpress files have to be replaced manually, and there’s no such thing as automatic script which can do the upgrade seamlessly for us. I have tried to follow the upgrade instruction carefully, nevertheless I was shocked to find out that all my permalink pages were gone, leaving 404 error message! Luckily later I found out that the problem was due to missing .htaccess file, and all my permalink pages were back up after the missing file was restored.

Other than that, I didn’t encounter many problems during the upgrade process, except some small problem while I was performing mysqldump to backup my Wordpress database. For those who want to perform the same upgrade, I would recommend you to read all the upgrade instructions carefully, and don’t forget to backup all your Wordpress files before you replace the files.

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